Our Equipment includes:

Amermac Tire Truer

Most tires are not produced perfectly round, rather they come from the manufacturer inherently out-of-round. Using the Amermac Tire Truer, technicians at Custom Alignment gently shave your tires, making your car's tires perfectly round to the wheel. Benefits of tire truing include, but are not limited to: reducing vibrations caused by out of round tires, extending the life of a vehicle's tires and suspension, and improving fuel economy.

Ammco "Hustler" Disc Brake Lathe

Ammco Drum Lathe

Hunter Auto34 Tire Changer - The Most Advanced Leverless Tire Changer in the World

The Hunter Auto34's exclusive features operate to easily and safely change the world's toughest performance tires and wheels. The Auto34's unique design aids in preventing rim damage during demounting.

When used in conjunction with the shop's Hunter GSP9700, the Auto34 is able to eliminate those vibration problems that balancers alone can't fix. Using the GSP9700, our technicians can identify vibration that can often be eliminated by using the Auto34 to reposition the tire on the rim.

Hunter GSP 9700 Road Force Measurement Wheel Balancer

The Hunter GSP 9700 simulates road conditions with a "load roller" that applies 750 pounds to the tire while it's rotating on the machine, and incorporates Wheel Force Variation to detect out-of-round tires and stiff spots on tires that cause vibration. Unlike machines found in most shops, that only address up-and-down balance, the GSP 9700 addresses up-and-down AND side-to-side balance.

Hunter TC3500 Tire Mounting Machine

The Hunter TC3500's design and exclusive features operate together to allow our technicians to easily and safely change tough performance tires and wheel combinations.

This unique mounter ensures that no metal touches wheel faces during the mounting and dismounting procedure. This greatly reduces the chance of getting dings and scratches on your wheels.

Hunter's DSP600 Digital Imaging Alignment Sensors Offer Superior Results

In utilizing four high-resolution digital cameras, the DSP600 offers multi-dimensional modeling to provide accurate alignment measurements that practically cut out calibration and maintenance, reducing your vehicle's downtime and your repair costs. In addition the sensors greatly increase the speed of the initial data acquisition and the faster a technician receives basic alignment information the more your car's downtime decreases and in turn lowering your alignment expense.

John Bean Visualiner Arago

John Bean Visualiner 3D


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